Motion Photography

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Playing around with a more creative side of photography 😉 Might take a while to get the smell of smoke out of my place though!

Kitty Update

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The little gremlins are now 6 months old and still full of energy of course. They will be going in to get ‘fixed’ in the next week and will eventually be allowed to explore outdoors, hopefully they won’t assume every dog is as friendly to cats as Holly…

Wandering Victoria

•September 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

Another great day to randomly explore Victoria with a new photography nut friend!

From Beacon Hill to Dallas Road, Ogden Point, Fishermans Wharf, and Government Street… it was a lot of walking with a lot of great photo opportunities. Can’t wait for the next walk about with the camera, hopefully next time Fab will have her new camera =0)

Downtown Wandering

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I just finished watching 23, what a creepy movie. But now I can’t seem to get the color red out of my head… AHHH!



Experimental Photography

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It is amazing what you can find when you are bored enough to look in the most unlikely of places for photography subjects.